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Thanks For The Memories

Quenith Guild Leader posted Feb 5, 18

If you haven't logged on lately or seen discord, I have dispanded Paradox entirely. Nobody stood up to take over the role of leader, so I will leave discord and this forum up for members to rebuild their own guild if that's what they'd like. This guild has such a strong sentimental value and I have loved being a part of it for the last 18ish months. You guys have been my family and friends on so many levels, and I thank you sincerely for the fond memories. Never hestitate to reach out to me if you need something... I wish you all the best loots and may RNGesus always be in your favor. You guys are wonderful.

Take care, my dears.

Papp Smear What the f**k? First I'm hearing of it. Sounds like a cop out to me. whatever. Someone hit me up for a new guild :d
Mgkida Good Luck everyone. It was a blast guys.
Gots / Gotbard dang, that sucks but i get it, will miss you guys, on to the next adventure

Trakanon and VS down post-Earthquake

Moerne Officer posted Jan 20, 18

Trak kill

Took down VS and Trakanon today with Venerate after the Earthquake.  We had a few false starts and wipes on Trakanon but took him down in the end.  Grats Arget on the tooth for a VP key and Lotxi on a Tolan's BP ($$).  Very nice work on Paradox's part.  

Papp Smear Hell yeah guys! Good Job to all of you. I will try to be there for the next time. Hopefully my internet connection will ...
Alfredd I remember the day.... when Mornie led paradox to overwhelming victory over Trakanon. I remember Mornie with heartening ...

November 2017 Open Kael Raid Recap

Kavalier Officer posted Dec 2, 17

Great job tonight, everyone. I'd say we achieved our goals of 1) providing a fun service to the server and 2) attracting some new recruits! Besides the Vindi BP, I noted 18 other Thurg armor drops, which isn't our most-lucrative open raid ever but still pretty good.

The government bureaucrat in me feels a need to "post-mortem" and document what we could do differently next time. Please offer up any suggestions you might have!

  • People need Teachings of Gkrean more than I realized; we'll roll for those drops at future events.
  • A lot of people were upset about a Cleric winning Vindi's BP. I understand the frustration, but I wasn't going to change our event's rules during the event. So, do we want to limit the classes that can roll for it next time?
  • I appreciated Mgkida's help with the /randoms and others who stepped in on some of the FFA stuff. That's a thankless and blinkless job. Perhaps next time we can divide that labor in a more organized way so we don't get confused? One person does all Thurg, one all quest items, one all FFA? Also, Mg made a great point that on a /ran 333 it's easier to spy a winner by looking for the few folks that  get above 300. This made me wonder if it would be smarter to tier the rolls /ran 333, /ran 334, /ran 335 (or something) vice /ran 333, /ran 444, etc. 
  • Good job on locking down corpses. Especially our new recruit, Svitlana. Your were touching dead bodies so much, I almost confused you for a Necro.
  • Quen and Moe were laughing about it, but also seriously sounded stressed about leading the raid (/tell hell) and healing the MT. Perhaps next time, we place some of the random Clerics who show up to group with the MT.

That's it from me. Not sure we'll do this next month with the holiday season. But, remember, any of you can host a pick up raid whenever you'd like. You don't need guild leadership to drive that. You can take the initiative. (Now I really sound like a bureaucrat.)

Now for Vindi and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamraid!


zeliak I probably have no right to post about this, I was not there and only started logging back in again recently but I'...
Moerne Officer Completely agree with Quen. It's hard to understand why a cleric would bother rolling on it for themselves, but I ...
Quenith Guild Leader Thanks for the awesome update Kav! We had a great turnout. As far as limiting the classes that can roll for a vindi BP,...


Invite all of your friends! And your enemies, too!

Nampus have to travel...Boo Bills

Last Friday was a fun and interesting night for <Paradox>! While the first attempt to stage a West Temple of Veeshan run had fallen apart the previous Friday due to clerics not showing, this time we were able to pull it off due to the volunteer efforts of Drakmir (Cipher Dec) and Demiroo (AC-Gamer). We were able to make it to camp effortlessly due to the fact that most of us are factioned with dragons. The break-in was a bit of a learning process as we figured out how to keep the pathing blue dragon from ambushing the raid force as we took out the first dragon.

I myself had planned to kick back and simply offer support as I do not wish to lower my dragon faction at this time. Little did I know that I would be part of the break-in strategy. I went over with the pullers (Raidriar, Khuthroht, and Izrd) to the room the blue dragon stops at before it paths back to where camp was. Their job was to act as distraction to the blue dragon while the raid force dealt with the first red dragon at camp, while my job was to heal the pullers while they were flopped so that I wouldn't draw aggro (and they could stay alive long enough to keep the blue dragon from pathing back to camp). This was quite intense! Timing is everything in such a situation, and this sort of thing requires good communcation between participants. Raidriar proved himself a real MVP as he took the brunt of the distraction, while Khuthroht and Izrd gained valuable experience that they can take with them for the next time. We almost had it the first attempt, but unfortunately the pullers died, meaning that the blue dragon pathed back to camp and wiped the force.

We weren't gonna back down, though, so we regrouped and tried to figure out any other strategies for dealing with this break-in. Eventually, though, we were able to keep that blue dragon distracted long enough for the raid force to kill the first red dragon. After that was taken care of, we were able to slay the pathing blue dragon, and the night officially began!

There weren't any major drops; a couple of leather sleeves and a piece of cloth. However, the night was a definite win as we figured out how to break into the camp. Next time it shouldn't take us that long!

It is very exciting that we have grown to the point that we can do HoT and WToV simultaneously in order to benefit more people. Let's keep up the amazing work!

And in other news, <Paradox> officially has it's first Necromancer epic! Kenardo did his final turn-in this past Saturday on our weekly PoSky raid with Hydra Alliance. I believe he ended up buying the final piece, but nobody has been more dedicated to tracking Fear golems than he has been. So a very big congratulations on the duck stick, Kenardo! And also a big thank you to Hydra Alliance for asking all attending members to bring money for their keys so that Kenardo could make his final turn-in.

Rilex Officer Another well documented article. Thanks Vitaani! Congratulations Kenardo. It's been a long time coming. You des...

HoT: G-Spot is Where the Fun's at!

Vitaani Officer posted Jul 30, 17

This past Friday was supposed to be our first attempt at West ToV, but since the clerics who were slated to provide the healing didn't show, we decided to stage an impromtu HoT raid at the G-spot. The night went relatively smooth save for a few mishaps that lead to the tanks dying a couple of times (on the bright side, though, Vorasriz got to show his leet ranger tanking skills -- for real!). Trains happened, but there were no major wipes to speak of.

We weren't blessed with 15 drops like that last time, but there were still some major drops: a leather tunic, which was won by Fumanshu, and a silk robe, which was scored by Frinop (who rolled a whopping 210). He was VERY excited about the drop, to say the least!

Maybe this is why they call it G-spot?

After the raid, a handful of late night Paradox went to Plane of Fear with Hydra Alliance, and managed to take down a golem, which resulted in us getting a puppet strings! There will surely be a lot more OT hammers in the future.

And in other news, two of our enchanters got their epics on the same day! Gratz to Mgkida and Zukan on your hastey snakes!

Kavalier Officer While reading about his excitement, I realized Frinop's name is an anagram for &quot;if porn&quot;.

Thursday, July 20th was an extremely special day for <Paradox>! It seemed like it would just be another ordinary raid night. We were first slated to do a Chardok royals run, and while on the way over, our members realized that Ixiblat Fer had been left up in Burning Wood. So we went ahead and took care of him (no cloak, the greedy son of a gun!), but since none of our higher level warriors could make it that night, we decided that it wasn't in the cards for us to do royals, which turned out to be a very BIG stroke of fate.

Plane of Hate was the back-up plan, and we made our way to the WC wizard spire. We were fortunate to experience a very easy break-in, and the clearing of the hallway went very smoothly. Zeliak got some sexy purple cleric gear, and our rogues made out like bandits with all the rogue gear that dropped. There was only one mini up at the time (the Avatar of Abhorrence), though, so we decided to just head up to the second floor at our usual spot after taking him out.

Nobody was prepared for what happened soon after. Vorasriz noticed that Magi P`Tasa was up pretty much the moment he spawned! He led Soulpuncher and Fumanshu over to his spawn point, and together, they managed to pull the Magi back over to us before anybody else! They also brought a train of first floor mobs, but our members kept it under control like pros while we dealt with the Magi first.

Nobody could believe their eyes when the loot was announced in guild chat, though: the illusive Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth, rarer than the holy grail, actually dropped! The excitement in guild chat and discord were unprecedented, to say the least!

There were no mages present at this raid. However, Lotxi was in our discord channel and paying attention to everything that was going on. After some discussion amongst leadership, it was decided that the staff would be awarded to him, since he was the only active mage main who needed only that piece in order to complete his epic. Sheys, one of the guild officers, looted the staff in order to MQ it later.

After the raid, Sheys went with Lotxi to do the turn-in for the staff, and afterwards, Calaminya of <SOTS> graciously logged onto a wizard to give Lotxi a port up to the Plane of Sky in order for him to do his final turn in. He scribed his spell, and 300 agonizing seconds later, summoned the much coveted Orb of Mastery into his deserving hands!

And thus, history was made in <Paradox>, as Lotxi became the first mage to get his epic while in the guild. We do have other mages with their epics, but they all got them before they joined us. So a very big congratulations to Lotxi for being the first!

I suppose dreams really can come true :D

Lotxi I still can't believe it, thank you to all the Paradox guildies who helped me at every stage of this quest! I look ...
Rilex Officer Congratulations Lotxi! A true accomplishment for &lt;Paradox&gt; Vitaani, these journal entries are well ...
Draconite x This is amazing, both content and form. I love that you are journaling these events. Primetime Journalist Vitaani is on ...

On Wedenesday, July 19th, the Hydra Alliance (which consists of Blackheart Pirates, SOTS, Homeland Security, and Eternal Sovereign) invited Paradox to come help them kill Derakor the Vindicator in Kael arena. Paradox usually does either HoT of PoHate with the Hydra alliance every Wednesday, but this was a nice opportunity to do something we don't do that often.

The Paradox monks Soulpuncher and Khuthroht proved themselves to be true leaders in breaking up and pulling the spawns around Vindi.  Babab of <Azure Guard> (who also has toons in Hydra) was the main tank for Vindi, while Moolatte (Omni member, former Super Friends/Radiant leader, best buddy of Paradox) offered his service as the ramp tank.

Unfortunately, we experienced two wipes due to minor mistakes (that made a huge difference). However, third time's the charm as we were able to pull a very smooth Vindi kill. He dropped the Chestplate of Vindication, that beautiful, sexy BP that tanks and shamans dream about every night when they go to bed. Xakasle of <Homeland Security> was the lucky winner! But since things in Norrath don't stay dead, you can bet that we will eventually be back to settle things with the Vindicator once again!

We at <Paradox> would like to thank the Hydra Alliance for always including us in their adventures. If you would like to know more about the Hydra Alliance, visit their website at http://www.hydraalliance.org/

Sculduggery Nice action shot of the hobbit in ass-less chaps!

Rocking the Halls of Testing!

Vitaani Officer posted Jul 19, 17

Our Monday night run of Halls of Testing was a smashing success! Everybody showed up on time and pulls started promptly. Draconite killed it as our main tank and Velthak kept it going on ramp. A few hiccups occured at various times of the night, but they were all handled smoothly and with no wipes.

What really made the night special was the loot; the gods of Norrath must have been pleased with us because it rained down armor! There were a total of 15 drops! The big ticket items were two leather tunics, which went to Khuthroht and Bruman, and a silk robe, which was won by Cenarien. There were also many minor drops throughout the night. Every armor type was accounted for.

It was certainly a proud night for <Paradox>! Gratz to all the winners and here's to many more successful HoT runs!

Rilex Officer Huge improvement guys. Stoked for you all.
Bakdor Yeah, our HoT run was awesome. Once our avg level for the raid force increases, it only becomes easier. People are start...
Draconite x I like this front page feed, keep it updooted!

Welcome, 'Doxers!

It is an exciting time for our guild. Tons of new things are taking place, including new faces, new epics, and new developments. The valiant members of our guild never shy away from a challenge and always hunger for more experiences. As such, we felt that it was time to move to a fresh, new website. While the old website served us well and will never be forgotten, we feel that this new site will offer us more features that are made specially for guilds and will make life just a little easier.

If you are a current member of <Paradox>, please register an account and take a look around. We hope that you enjoy all the work that we've put into this site! It's still a work in progress and we're still learning how to tweak things, so expect changes as time goes on.

If you are a guest, then thanks for stopping by, and we hope that you like what you see! If the thought of joining <Paradox> intrigues you, then click "Forums" for more instructions.

Here's to many wonderful new adventures, and see you in game!

- The <Paradox> Crew