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Rocking the Halls of Testing!

By Vitaani Officer - Posted Jul 19, 17

Our Monday night run of Halls of Testing was a smashing success! Everybody showed up on time and pulls started promptly. Draconite killed it as our main tank and Velthak kept it going on ramp. A few hiccups occured at various times of the night, but they were all handled smoothly and with no wipes.

What really made the night special was the loot; the gods of Norrath must have been pleased with us because it rained down armor! There were a total of 15 drops! The big ticket items were two leather tunics, which went to Khuthroht and Bruman, and a silk robe, which was won by Cenarien. There were also many minor drops throughout the night. Every armor type was accounted for.

It was certainly a proud night for <Paradox>! Gratz to all the winners and here's to many more successful HoT runs!