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On Wedenesday, July 19th, the Hydra Alliance (which consists of Blackheart Pirates, SOTS, Homeland Security, and Eternal Sovereign) invited Paradox to come help them kill Derakor the Vindicator in Kael arena. Paradox usually does either HoT of PoHate with the Hydra alliance every Wednesday, but this was a nice opportunity to do something we don't do that often.

The Paradox monks Soulpuncher and Khuthroht proved themselves to be true leaders in breaking up and pulling the spawns around Vindi.  Babab of <Azure Guard> (who also has toons in Hydra) was the main tank for Vindi, while Moolatte (Omni member, former Super Friends/Radiant leader, best buddy of Paradox) offered his service as the ramp tank.

Unfortunately, we experienced two wipes due to minor mistakes (that made a huge difference). However, third time's the charm as we were able to pull a very smooth Vindi kill. He dropped the Chestplate of Vindication, that beautiful, sexy BP that tanks and shamans dream about every night when they go to bed. Xakasle of <Homeland Security> was the lucky winner! But since things in Norrath don't stay dead, you can bet that we will eventually be back to settle things with the Vindicator once again!

We at <Paradox> would like to thank the Hydra Alliance for always including us in their adventures. If you would like to know more about the Hydra Alliance, visit their website at http://www.hydraalliance.org/