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Thursday, July 20th was an extremely special day for <Paradox>! It seemed like it would just be another ordinary raid night. We were first slated to do a Chardok royals run, and while on the way over, our members realized that Ixiblat Fer had been left up in Burning Wood. So we went ahead and took care of him (no cloak, the greedy son of a gun!), but since none of our higher level warriors could make it that night, we decided that it wasn't in the cards for us to do royals, which turned out to be a very BIG stroke of fate.

Plane of Hate was the back-up plan, and we made our way to the WC wizard spire. We were fortunate to experience a very easy break-in, and the clearing of the hallway went very smoothly. Zeliak got some sexy purple cleric gear, and our rogues made out like bandits with all the rogue gear that dropped. There was only one mini up at the time (the Avatar of Abhorrence), though, so we decided to just head up to the second floor at our usual spot after taking him out.

Nobody was prepared for what happened soon after. Vorasriz noticed that Magi P`Tasa was up pretty much the moment he spawned! He led Soulpuncher and Fumanshu over to his spawn point, and together, they managed to pull the Magi back over to us before anybody else! They also brought a train of first floor mobs, but our members kept it under control like pros while we dealt with the Magi first.

Nobody could believe their eyes when the loot was announced in guild chat, though: the illusive Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth, rarer than the holy grail, actually dropped! The excitement in guild chat and discord were unprecedented, to say the least!

There were no mages present at this raid. However, Lotxi was in our discord channel and paying attention to everything that was going on. After some discussion amongst leadership, it was decided that the staff would be awarded to him, since he was the only active mage main who needed only that piece in order to complete his epic. Sheys, one of the guild officers, looted the staff in order to MQ it later.

After the raid, Sheys went with Lotxi to do the turn-in for the staff, and afterwards, Calaminya of <SOTS> graciously logged onto a wizard to give Lotxi a port up to the Plane of Sky in order for him to do his final turn in. He scribed his spell, and 300 agonizing seconds later, summoned the much coveted Orb of Mastery into his deserving hands!

And thus, history was made in <Paradox>, as Lotxi became the first mage to get his epic while in the guild. We do have other mages with their epics, but they all got them before they joined us. So a very big congratulations to Lotxi for being the first!

I suppose dreams really can come true :D