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HoT: G-Spot is Where the Fun's at!

By Vitaani Officer - Posted Jul 30, 17

This past Friday was supposed to be our first attempt at West ToV, but since the clerics who were slated to provide the healing didn't show, we decided to stage an impromtu HoT raid at the G-spot. The night went relatively smooth save for a few mishaps that lead to the tanks dying a couple of times (on the bright side, though, Vorasriz got to show his leet ranger tanking skills -- for real!). Trains happened, but there were no major wipes to speak of.

We weren't blessed with 15 drops like that last time, but there were still some major drops: a leather tunic, which was won by Fumanshu, and a silk robe, which was scored by Frinop (who rolled a whopping 210). He was VERY excited about the drop, to say the least!

Maybe this is why they call it G-spot?

After the raid, a handful of late night Paradox went to Plane of Fear with Hydra Alliance, and managed to take down a golem, which resulted in us getting a puppet strings! There will surely be a lot more OT hammers in the future.

And in other news, two of our enchanters got their epics on the same day! Gratz to Mgkida and Zukan on your hastey snakes!