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Last Friday was a fun and interesting night for <Paradox>! While the first attempt to stage a West Temple of Veeshan run had fallen apart the previous Friday due to clerics not showing, this time we were able to pull it off due to the volunteer efforts of Drakmir (Cipher Dec) and Demiroo (AC-Gamer). We were able to make it to camp effortlessly due to the fact that most of us are factioned with dragons. The break-in was a bit of a learning process as we figured out how to keep the pathing blue dragon from ambushing the raid force as we took out the first dragon.

I myself had planned to kick back and simply offer support as I do not wish to lower my dragon faction at this time. Little did I know that I would be part of the break-in strategy. I went over with the pullers (Raidriar, Khuthroht, and Izrd) to the room the blue dragon stops at before it paths back to where camp was. Their job was to act as distraction to the blue dragon while the raid force dealt with the first red dragon at camp, while my job was to heal the pullers while they were flopped so that I wouldn't draw aggro (and they could stay alive long enough to keep the blue dragon from pathing back to camp). This was quite intense! Timing is everything in such a situation, and this sort of thing requires good communcation between participants. Raidriar proved himself a real MVP as he took the brunt of the distraction, while Khuthroht and Izrd gained valuable experience that they can take with them for the next time. We almost had it the first attempt, but unfortunately the pullers died, meaning that the blue dragon pathed back to camp and wiped the force.

We weren't gonna back down, though, so we regrouped and tried to figure out any other strategies for dealing with this break-in. Eventually, though, we were able to keep that blue dragon distracted long enough for the raid force to kill the first red dragon. After that was taken care of, we were able to slay the pathing blue dragon, and the night officially began!

There weren't any major drops; a couple of leather sleeves and a piece of cloth. However, the night was a definite win as we figured out how to break into the camp. Next time it shouldn't take us that long!

It is very exciting that we have grown to the point that we can do HoT and WToV simultaneously in order to benefit more people. Let's keep up the amazing work!

And in other news, <Paradox> officially has it's first Necromancer epic! Kenardo did his final turn-in this past Saturday on our weekly PoSky raid with Hydra Alliance. I believe he ended up buying the final piece, but nobody has been more dedicated to tracking Fear golems than he has been. So a very big congratulations on the duck stick, Kenardo! And also a big thank you to Hydra Alliance for asking all attending members to bring money for their keys so that Kenardo could make his final turn-in.