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November 2017 Open Kael Raid Recap

By Kavalier Officer - Posted Dec 2, 17

Great job tonight, everyone. I'd say we achieved our goals of 1) providing a fun service to the server and 2) attracting some new recruits! Besides the Vindi BP, I noted 18 other Thurg armor drops, which isn't our most-lucrative open raid ever but still pretty good.

The government bureaucrat in me feels a need to "post-mortem" and document what we could do differently next time. Please offer up any suggestions you might have!

  • People need Teachings of Gkrean more than I realized; we'll roll for those drops at future events.
  • A lot of people were upset about a Cleric winning Vindi's BP. I understand the frustration, but I wasn't going to change our event's rules during the event. So, do we want to limit the classes that can roll for it next time?
  • I appreciated Mgkida's help with the /randoms and others who stepped in on some of the FFA stuff. That's a thankless and blinkless job. Perhaps next time we can divide that labor in a more organized way so we don't get confused? One person does all Thurg, one all quest items, one all FFA? Also, Mg made a great point that on a /ran 333 it's easier to spy a winner by looking for the few folks that  get above 300. This made me wonder if it would be smarter to tier the rolls /ran 333, /ran 334, /ran 335 (or something) vice /ran 333, /ran 444, etc. 
  • Good job on locking down corpses. Especially our new recruit, Svitlana. Your were touching dead bodies so much, I almost confused you for a Necro.
  • Quen and Moe were laughing about it, but also seriously sounded stressed about leading the raid (/tell hell) and healing the MT. Perhaps next time, we place some of the random Clerics who show up to group with the MT.

That's it from me. Not sure we'll do this next month with the holiday season. But, remember, any of you can host a pick up raid whenever you'd like. You don't need guild leadership to drive that. You can take the initiative. (Now I really sound like a bureaucrat.)

Now for Vindi and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamraid!